Dear Jesus


You are born tonight more than two thousand years ago

We have celebrated Christmas and now the ACLU said no

You have left the Earth with your Word of love

The Holy Spirit ascended in the image of a white dove

Tonight I embrace your birth in the manger

You spent thirty-three years to bless us the free-thinkers

Mother Teresa lived her life of love for humankind

She honored your teachings with her heart and mind

Why is that an American civilian was beheaded,

They dragged their charred corpses through the streets?

Why is that they want to kill infidels in the name of a religion,

They consider "Jihad" -- killing -- their religious sanction?

I was born in the Vietnam War, suffering abundantly

I witnessed Communism destroying humanity

I am grateful the Berlin Wall was torn down

But my sorrow is that Saigon is still called Ho Chi Minh town

America cares for all immigrants who made it here for a better life,

She is torn by the fanatics and their religious strife

I played the song Silent Night this evening

But my Saxophone seemed to choke, I don't know what it means...


Linh Duy Vo

December 24, 2005




Copyright by Linh Duy Vo. All rights reserved.