Subj:    Thank You!!   
Date:    12/7/2002 7:44:16 PM Pacific Standard Time   

Dear Linh,

Thank you so very much for sending your outstanding books to me.
They arrived today, and I have read "Dear Daddy" from cover to cover.
I am now beginning your 2nd book, and I am reading much of it through tears.
You write so very eloquently and so deeply...God Bless You and Your Family.
Many, many thanks also for the inscription about Byron.
It is now nearly 6 months since his death, and still very difficult for us.
Your books are a tremendous comfort...many, many thanks.
Byron was also a poet and an author.
I am working on collating his material and hope to publish it one day.

I was amazed to see your photo and to read that you were at the 25th
Anniversary Reunion in Washington, DC.
I believe that Byron, Jennie and I briefly met you that day!!
Praise God for these miraculous connections in all of our lives!!

Did you know that Sally and Jolynne came to the Babylift Reunion in Baltimore
the day before we went to the ceremony at the Wall?
My daughter Jennie, spoke at that event, and an excerpt from her speech is
included in the Holt Video.
General Piner came to that Reunion (due to the tremendous efforts of Jolynne),
and he spoke so very eloquently to the Babylift families, as did General Smith
at the Wall. I have photos the event, and they are very meaningful to all of
the Babylift families.

Jen is a good friend of both Kelly and Adam, and I will forward some news
articles about them to you via email.

I hope to meet you and your family one day, perhaps at the 30th Reunion?

Blessings to you and your family,

Subj: On the spur of the moment... 
Date: 11/28/2002 11:49:14 AM Pacific Standard Time 
From: Poet Linh D Vo 

Dear Auntie Lana,

I am rereading you mails since we first "met" here through Auntie Deanna's shared posts. I stopped at "Byron Michael Noone died on 22 June 2002 at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Center, NY. He was 57.", and I wanted to meditate in a special prayer for him. This Thanksgiving you are without your Byron for the first time...

I would hope you find a moment for yourself in the warm lighting of a candle, in a room. Then you see your shadow, that is your Byron.  Meditate on the memories of many Thanksgivings that have come into your lives together.  Listen in your mind the sound of nature; the winds, the rivers, the creeks, the pine tree forests, the oceans...  Then you see in your soul your Byron, an everlasting spirit.  Now you know your husband has never died...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)