It's only a moment, and my very short life is made by all moments...

The miracle in the skies of Tokyo, 16 July 2005, that my camera just missed.
Iona and I witnessed the Cross piercing the cloud that reminded me of
the curtain being torn when Jesus said, "It's finished."

Then, an image of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, fleetingly appeared...

Subj: Dear Linh 
Date: 7/31/2005 5:29:28 PM Pacific Standard Time 
From: iona<> 

Thank you very much for your loving postcard - what a lovely surprise, and a treat too, to have a piece of mail sent to me from Japan.
I hope your Taipei talks were well received - I am sure that they were - I have just been looking through various websites dedicated to your poetry and I realize now what wonderful messages you've been spreading throughout the world and how well regarded you are.
Thank you for your generous thanks to me, but I don't deserve them all. 

Did your sky photos turn out? Wasn't that an amazing revelation?!



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