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Wednesday, December 30, 1998


‘Dear Daddy’

Author Presents Book to BP’s City Council

By Loreen Berlin

BUENA PARK – "Holding the powerful book Offerings at the Wall, I couldn’t hold back my tears. The volume of collections of the offerings left at the Wall is a moving piece of history of our dear America. The Vietnam Wall went up when the Berlin Wall went down," said Linh Duy Vo, poet, as he presented his book, Dear Daddy, to Buena Park City Council at its regular meeting.

"The loving note left there by President Ronald Reagan is now found in 'Offerings at the Wall.' My poem 'Dear Daddy' and the names of more than 58,000 Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice are with Mr. President’s thoughts. The replica of the Wall was lovingly sponsored by the people of Buena Park recently.

"At the opening ceremony of the Moving Wall, next to Independence Hall of Knott’s Berry Farm, last month, I was honored to read my poem in order to express my love and gratitude to this blessed nation.

"This holiday season, I am here to say thank you to you in honor of all the Vietnam Veterans who have lived and died for freedom for others and me in the Vietnam War, especially in memory of those who never came home to America.

"Sirs and Madams, you are America. You have adopted me with love and enriched my life with liberty. I am blessed to live as a poet to honor all those who defend our great country, past, present and future.

"Here are half a dozen gift copies of Dear Daddy. For each Dear Daddy is a rose in my heart. Another half dozen roses still wait for our beloved American MIAs to come home, one day. God Bless America," said Vo, who is the boy in the poem.


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