August 19, 1996

General Colin L. Powell

Dear General Colin L. Powell:

It has been nine years since my first trip to THE WALL on Thanksgiving Morning, November 26, 1987.  And thanks to Libby Hatch at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, I am fortunate to share with you my love and gratitude for all in memory and honor of our Vietnam Veterans, both deceased and alive.

Fifty years ago, Anne Frank captured in her diary, her life as a child of war who was hiding from the Nazis and Hitler.  Twenty years after the fall of Saigon, I, America's adopted son, wish to capture my life growing up in the Vietnam War, running away from the Communist Viet Cong, in a book of poetry.  I survived, but Anne Frank did not.

I wish to respectfully present to you a copy of my new book of poetry, titled Dear Daddy.  It symbolizes the Love and Freedom that America has bestowed upon me.

May you and yours enjoy my poems with my loving wishes for happiness.  May you bless my Mission of Gratitude as my book has been felt: The Tears of Healing.

My family and I will always cherish your moving speech in the book, "Why Vietnam Still Matters -- The War and The Wall."

God Bless you and America.

Respectfully yours,

Linh Duy Vo

My note:  I was overwhelmed by General Powell's handwritten letter for me on his personal four-star stationery dated August 23, 1996--just less than a week after I wrote to him.  It's meant a lot to me. God Bless papa-san Colin.  



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