The five Olympic rings represent the five continents and were designed in 1913, adopted in 1914 and debuted at the Games at Antwerp, 1920.


Death of Secrecy


The Olympics 1936, Berlin,

Hitler oversaw the historical event

The Five-O rings symbolized the handcuffs,

Preceding a most bloody war

In the end, Hitler's rule ended in his death just as did Saddam Hussein’s…


Olympics 2008, Beijing,

The Chinese Politburos won the bid to hold the Olympics,

Showcasing their political muscle

Billions of dollars spent

While countless citizens are struggling for their daily meals,

Gasping for the oxygen of freedom and liberty

Religious faiths are repressed and solitary:

“Mao or Jesus? Choose!”

“Dalai Lama or slavery? Choose!”

“Freedom of religions or Communism? Choose!”

Tibetans are suffering from China’s diabolic treatment

Vietnam’s Paracel Islands are crying raped,

Hanoi Politburos are in cahoots with their Chinese communist comrades,

Annexing the Vietnamese land to the communist Big Brother’s

All are kept in secrecy

Just as Ho Chi Minh kept silent about his children born out of wedlock

And his identity as a mysterious Chinese

As it was discovered at UNESCO in 1990,

When Hanoi was asked to compare DNA from Ho’s preserved, publicly displayed corpse  

With that of Ho’s father’s corpse which is buried near Saigon

Hanoi did not comply,

UNESCO denied granting Ho the title “World’s Great Man.”


Buddha once said that life is an ocean of pain,

But now Communism is a sea of torture…


Olympics 2008

The superstition has it that 8-8-08 at 08:08 PM

Holds the luck of China’s prosperity,

For 8 sounds “baat” as the “faat” that means lucky

So there the communist politburos are grasping hopes…


But the Olympic games put China under the spotlight:

Worldwide protestors for human rights walk in the streets,

The flashback is of a thin man blocking the tanks in Tiananman Square…


Olympics 2008:

8-8-08 at 08:08 PM,

Five times 8

Makes 40, or 4 of 0s, superstitiously

4 sounds in Chinese “too” as “too” in “Death."

Death of the dark secrecy of communism…


Linh Duy Vo

8 August 2008, 02:22PM ©



Velma Dunn, the unforgettable Olympian 1936





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