Subj:    Hello    
Date:    2/18/2003 11:23:44 AM Pacific Standard Time   

Dear Brother,

   I had time today to look again at your work of art on the Internet,  I was so moved by the pleasant music that accompanied it.  It reminded me of a singer, an artist.  Your words flowed like lyrics to be read and consumed.  I got to thinking that poetry on the Internet is like the seeds that one throws to the birds.  Where it lands you do not know nor do you know who tastes them.  But, you do know that they get out there.  Even if the seeds fall to the ground and are not eaten, they will go into the soil to sprout a living message.  No words are wasted just like love and unfortunately hate. They grow in whatever soil they fall into and produce the same.  God Bless you brother.




A Mission


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