My Name Is Viet Nam

Hello Linda Moreau, my name is Viet Nam
Welcome to my home, I am the Mother
My warm handshakes to your dear ones:
Doctor Code, Mai, Nick, Ron, Paul.
My children have scattered all over the world,
From America to France to Israel
Since that day, the last day of April, 1975.
The evil empire turned my children against each other
My tears still flow since Tet Offensive, Hue,
The children were buried alive by ones of their own from the North
My heart is still crushed as Freedom flew away out of my home
Its wings have taken many, but not all,
'Cause the Communist slavery has built a wall.
Remember Kim Phuc? I am happy for my child
She's found Freedom now and her God.
Thank you for your Love and Generosity
You all come to visit me with your gift of Healing;
Your medicine that comes from your hearts
Your loving bandage that seals the hatred wounds.
Doctor Patrick Code will check out our sick feet
Many years they've walked without shoes.
Paul Fattig is with a pen, yes, a pen
So long the pen here has been silenced
Go, write a note of Freedom and Liberty.
Let your lens open as big as your eyes, Ron Brown,
Capture the humanity of your dear Americans.
Here is a shell of juice from my coconut tree
Hope it beats the tropical heat and humidity
Our home is still bound by Communism
Come, my dear Americans, and set us free…

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)
June 19, 1997 © 

These Americans went to Vietnam as medical missionaries.



A Mission

 © Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.