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Bến Xưa                             The port in memories


Thơ ti từ cả ci lng                                            My poem born from the depth of the soul,

Xin đừng phn tch từng dng, từng trang           Analyze not by its presentation of words.        

Đau thương ngấn lệ hai hng                              Pains flow with tears,

Từ khi non nước ngỡ ngn cắt đi                       Ever since Vietnam was divided, North and South.

Xa nhau cch mặt bồi hồi                                    Separated, you are there, the other side of Ben Hai River;

Hồn đưa ra biển, xc trồi ven sng                      The dead bodies afloat by the riverbanks, their souls wander to the sea.

Xin trao người đa hoa hồng                               Here is a rose to you,

Tạ ơn người đ trọn lng yu thơ                        It's my gratitude for your love for poetry.

Thuyền ơi, thuyền sẽ tới bờ                                 To the sailing boat, she will find her port;

Bến ơi, xin chớ hững hờ tnh ti...                      To the port, lest you forget me...


V Duy Linh                                     Linh Duy Vo

Đm đng viễn xứ                                                               English verses written April 11, 2005, 03:00 AM

California, 15 thng 3, 2005

In 1954, a million-plus Vietnamese went southwards in search of freedom.

April 30, 1975, once again they fled the invading communists from the north, scattering to all corners of the Earth.




Yu                    Our Love

Ta khắc tn em trong thơ, em c hay?    Your name is engraved in my poetry

Bi thơ ta gửi em hm nay                      The poem I am sending you today  

Đ ba mươi năm ta ấp ủ                          I have embraced it for thirty years

Như my chờ gi bao đm ngy              As the clouds yearning for the winds


Gi ơi, hy đưa ta đi nh                         Oh, my dear winds, take me with you

Đưa ta về Si Gn, thnh phố xưa          Take me home to the old city called Saigon

Ta nghe em giờ thay đổi lắm                    I heard you have been much changing

Biết ni g đy sao cho vừa                      Leaving me wordless as I am thinking of you


Nghn trng, ta v em xa cch                 Ten thousand miles we are separated

Tri tim ny tựa gối chờ em                     This heart has been awaiting yours

Như nh trăng khuya m ging suối        As the deep moonlight embracing the stream

Ray rứt nhớ nhau đm từng đm              Missing one another sorely night after night


Ta sẽ gần nhau mi trọn đời                     I yearn to be together with you forever

Cho d thn xc c tả tơi                          Though our flesh becomes broken through the life storms

Em ơi, hồn ta lun trọn vẹn                       My darling, our spirit shall wholly remain

Nghe những nhịp tim thở từng hơi             And our hearts shall not cease beating


Đi mi em, sao mi em lạnh qu!             Your lips, oh, they feel cold!

Bao nhiu ma đng vắng nụ hn              Many winters passed without a kiss

Em mời anh đi, để ta cng bớt lạnh           Invite me to come close to you for our warmth

Lạnh từ thịt da đến tm hồn                       Let go of the chills in our flesh and soul


Cm ơn em một mối tnh chung thủy             My gratitude for your undying love

Cuộc đời ny chỉ tạm bợ m thi               This life is meant ephemeral

Thn xc kia rồi trở về ct bụi                   Our bodies are to return to dust

Ging sng Tương, tnh yu ta mi tri...  Only the river of love shall eternally flow...

                                                                                  Linh Duy Vo  English version 5 March 2006

V Duy Linh 
California, 23 March 2005




Rồi mai nắng tắt đi   Tomorrow when the sunray shows up not; 

                                                                                                                       Ta cn nhau kỷ niệm   What is left is our memory

                                                                                       Vương vấn những dng thơ   Inseparable is my flowing of poetry

                                                                                                                     Su thẳm tự ci lng...   Deep down in my heart...



Gratitude for Our Love


A Candle for Operation Homecoming


 For Miss Saigon



  Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.