To: Linh_Vo
From: Lutie R.< >.com
Date: 6/14/99, 6:42 PM
Re: Dear Daddy Book

Dear Linh Duy Vo,

     You do not know me or the person to whom I researched for to try and get a copy of your book entitled "Dear Daddy." She is the fiancee of a wonderful man who served in the Viet Nam war and has very deep memories of that war. He read about your book "Dear Daddy" while visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. He commented to his fiancee what a beautiful work of poetry it was and that he would do anything to find out more about you and your works. He does not own a computer neither does his fiancee, so I offered to help out.
     Bill now works for the post office and in his younger years studied the priesthood. He is very well educated and is a voracious reader. None of the book stores here or even through the book stores can find your book. Thank you for being on the Internet so I could give her the address to order one. It is a present for Bill for his birthday in August and she wanted it to be a surprise. They are a wonderful couple and do much good work in the community. I will give her the information I got to order the book and she will be so happy. Unfortunately, until I found you, no one has been able to help her. As a real special surprise to both of them, would I be able to have you sign a copy of your book and send it to me in time for his birthday ? If that all possible would you sign it to: BILL... and whatever message you like. 
I know I have no right to ask this of you or to even expect a reply. But Karen, his fiancee, has worked with me in my dental office for three years and I have the greatest respect for the both of them and know what good people they are and how much they too love their country. Mr. Vo, I would be so indebted to you if this request could be honored. And I am honored to even be a small part of this search and find.
     Thank you so very much for your time and patience in reading this and I look forward to hearing from you hopefully soon.

Lutie R.

To: Lutie R. INTERNET:< >.com
Date: 6/19/99, 7:21 AM

Dear Lutie,

     It's truly symbiotic... that our feelings are mutual.
Your ray of heart has made me feel as happy as the last musical note
in a poem I wrote in the middle of the quiet night.
     Yes, your request has made a day inside the starving artist who couldn't let go of his precious piece to a rich man, but happily give it free to a true art lover.
     I have been given a path which I never chose. The path that now brought me to you, papa-san Bill Struck, Karen... I will walk for miles...before I sleep. :-)
     Please accept my heartfelt thanks for you all in this life-event of ours.

May God and Country bless us all.

With love and respect,

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)

June 21, 1999

Dear Linh,

     Hello! and wish you a belated Father's Day and hope you enjoyed it with your family. I have been on your website for the past three hours reading your life story and clicking every poem and letter I can and printing them for Bill and I must say, Linh, that I am completely awestruck and greatly honored to be reading about you and your great many gifts to the American people, and to this especially proud 52 year old who by chance is totally appreciative for feeling that I know you already. 
     I hope you have a wonderful family to share your gifts with. My husband, Tom, and I have a wonderful 25 yr. old son studying to be a veterinarian and a beautiful 23 yr. old daughter studying to become a teacher. I know they are growing up in a time much different than our young adulthood. But I am so moved by your poetry and story that I will print it all and share it with them. No history book or teacher can teach or write like you who has lived through one of the most difficult chapters of our history and survived it and been honorable enough to share your story. It's truly a story for the human race, struggle, loss, life, love, gratitude, war, peace, friendship, religious freedom, etc...... I do believe that GOD himself allowed me to venture on the net one afternoon to help a dear friend and to become acquainted with you and history. Thank you for everything you've done and for the many things you've yet to accomplish. You are a gift of beautiful words and a wonderful soul. Your works have touched many lives. May God always be with you and your family. Please keep are a true inspiration to all who are lucky enough to know you through your words and heart.

Many sincere thanks again.

Maryland, July 28, 1999

Dear Linh,

     Karen and I received your books today and couldn't help but shed a tear
knowing that God has brought to us a much deeper and wholesome attitude toward all the veterans from Viet Nam and all the other wars that mankind has fought to give others freedom and a chance to live a better life and to share their gifts as you have shared your many talents and gifts with us. I do believe that
     God created you to be one of his messengers of thanksgiving and love. The book is beautiful beyond words and your signing it personally warmed my heart. I wish I could give you a great big hug. The pictures of your beautiful daughter sitting beside you and the two pictures on the wall are very wonderful and heartwarming. Your family is beautiful and your words of your poetry depict a true happiness that only a loving parent can grasp. I am so happy that you came to America. And I am also so proud to have been a small part of this mission of bringing you and Bill together. I am so honored to be a part of your e-mail list and I copy all of your e-mails to keep for Bill once he has his birthday. He will be so honored as I am. Thank you again for your tremendous unselfish heart in fulfilling this request. 
     May God always bless you and your gifts and your beautiful family. I hope they know what a very special person you are to give so much of yourself to others in such a loving and grateful way.
     Please keep me on your list and I'll keep you in my prayers. Karen and I are so indebted to your kindness.
Love and respect to you and your family,

Maryland, November 15, 1999

Dear Linh,

     I have a very busy schedule tonight and would love to write everything I
have in my heart and my warmest and memorable feelings I have for being in your presence and actually sitting next to you. The dinner was indeed
wonderful and it will be a night to remember. I wish I had had more time to
spend with you and talk without all the back ground noise. You're a blessed
gift to the American people and I am so proud to have met you finally.
      I hope you enjoyed your visit with Bill and Karen, I know they enjoyed having you so much. My husband is a very quiet person naturally and always has been. He reread your book right before we came and I think he was slightly overwhelmed with memories and the friends he lost and the names he new that he has seen on The Wall. He was a brilliant soldier and had a wonderful career.
     And meeting you meant a lot to him, it gave all he went through a purpose. He was so impressed by your book and humbleness. I hope you had a safe trip home and a joyful reunion with your family. Thanks for the memories.


Letters of Healing...

Poet's Note:

I wish to thank you, whose heartfelt letters and notes have and will always reflect the depth of America's hearts and minds.  I am very fortunate to be touched by you as my poetry has so been blessed.  -- Linh



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