"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." 
--President Ronald Reagan 1987

The Fallen Wall

The dusk of Communism is reflected in America's dawn
Scarred on the souvenir block of the Berlin Wall;
It stands perpendicularly on the hill of Simi Valley
Immortalizing our President Ronald Reagan's legacy.

Linh Duy Vo
Memorial Day 1999

This poem in cast bronze is being kept safe at President Reagan Library.

Subj: Dear Taiwan 

"Please open your heart for my heartfelt love, that my works of poetry of love and gratitude for human freedom and liberty can be shared in honoring my American Viet Vet Daddy. Taiwan, in my heart, is the possibility of having the world see her as a Nation. And I am a stand for that. And that's who I am." --Linh Duy Vo

Date: 5/23/2005 11:55:09 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Poet Linh D VoTo: <>@mail.moj.gov.tw CC:President@Whitehouse.gov, VET66A@aol.com, curator@nixonlibrary.org, patt.morrison@@latimes.com, Senator_McCain@mccain.senate.gov

Paul Chen, Col. (Ret.), Taiwan Armed Forces
Ministry of Justice
Taipei, Taiwan

May 23, 2005

Dear Brother Paul,

Lest I forget the power of creating a realm of possibility for Taiwan, that is the possibility of having great support from millions of American veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

This is my mission of love and gratitude, which embodies their sacrifices for freedom and liberty for citizens of the world.

My works, in particular, inspired a young American student to reach his dream of being accepted by West Point (www.gratitude.org/from_a_west_point_cadet_2002.htm). And the possibility now I see is the possibility in which my asset as an American poet, who has experienced communism first hand, will touch, move and inspire the citizens of Taiwan. They will empower themselves when the time comes for them to stand up to totalitarianism.

My family and I keep Taiwan in our prayers, that for God's sake,  red China will not become so greedy that they will shed blood of the Taiwanese by creating a war against this peaceful, democratic island.


Linh Duy Vo

Poet's Note:
Please feel free to share these URLs with your countrymen who are concerned about the Taiwan/China issue. I would be pleased if you shared my website with schools in your country. The spirits on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be looking after your struggle to remain free from communism.






A Mission


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