The Broken Wings   The Broken Wings

The young little bird was hungry
The storm had taken away her nest
The man took the bird, put her in a nice cage
It's plated with gold
The food is abundant
Time passes
The bird has grown wings
She longs to fly into the blue skies
The man understood-- 
She is indebted to him,
For all her life she was well taken care of
He knows--
He let the cage open 
But the bird is so indebted
She yearns to dip her body in the thick soft cloud 
But she feels so indebted to the man
Her lonely nights filled with tears
He owned her
He walks about with her on his shoulder
She lost her power to fly high...

Linh Duy Vo 
July 21, 2002

Written on the airplane, American Airlines flight home to California from a poetry reading trip.

Poet's Note:  One may know someone who has procured a U.S. greencard or passport, after having left his poor native land...  One day he returned home to marry a young bride, whose family being left destitute, with only a small amount of dollars worth buying a used car...



A Mission

Copyrights by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.