The Father's Kiss

(For Tammie Mayes to cherish the memory, Veterans Day 1998 at the Wall)

My tearful kiss for you, my dearest daughter
A long time ago, you were two months old
Year 1966, March 28, KIA, Vietnam -- I was twenty
Earth, Heaven, black granite, green pastures unfold
Sweet girl, here is my life and yours; let's forever hold...

 Linh Duy Vo

I am only a hobby photographer.  But each time I made my pilgrimage to The Wall, my camera seems to become a walking soul.  Its eyes become as pure as any journalistic photographers on Earth.  "The Boy in the Poem" and "The Girl in the Wall" are the proof of my Viet Vet Daddy's spirit.  Each came out from a single frame that I took of each subject.  Here, "The Girl in the Wall", shows the soul of papa-san Richard L. Mayes:  His name "Mayes" lies on the lips of his daughter Tammie; I was inspired to write the poem, "The Father's Kiss."

On Saturday, January 9, 1999, Tammie and I were reunited, and I presented to her the collage of her picture and poem. 

Far, Far Away...

For NBC's Dateline regarding its documentary "War and Remembrance" which aired May 1, 2000.  It's about Viet vet Richard Luttrell and his story on page 52 in the book "Offerings at the Wall."

The Vietnamese girl's Communist Father fought against Freedom

While the American girl's Daddy fought for Liberty...






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