The Korea War

Forty-eight hours 'til year 2000
The AP's sad news again sank my heart
A half century ago, the icy city of Seoul
Filled with battles, the South against the North.

A Korean refugee lost his parents in an airstrike,
Fifty years later, his heart still filled with pain
Holding against the American liberators
Whose lives were at loss for South Korea's gain.

Tragedies of war have no eyes
The white clad refugees were infiltrated
By the lowly communists from the North
The heat of battles found no exit.

The Korean survivor asked my America "Why?"
It echoed the voice of AP's Nick Ut
On NBC Today, April 1995,
His picture captured the war's grim output.

He told about the girl's running naked
Being chased by the diabolic Viet Cong:
"Had the communists stayed in the North
Nothing would have happened." 

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)
December 30, 1999

My letter to the people of South Korea in care of the Korea Times

December 30, 1999

Dear Sirs and Madams: 

     As a deeply grateful American citizen, who once was a Viet refugee, I wish to share with you and the people of South Korea the enclosed poem "The Korea War."
   May the poem be blessed with healing for all. May it bring understanding to those who advocate charges against my fellow Americans who lived and died for freedom and liberty for the people of South Korea fifty years ago.
     God Bless.

Respectfully yours, 

Linh Duy Vo, Poet


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