The Siamese Twins

(For All left behind the iron curtain in Vietnam)


A former South Vietnamese surgeon and officer

Saw his beloved Saigon being invaded

His world was turned upside down

His conqueror turned the whole land communistic.


Dr. Trai, his name, found a niche in the new regime

He consoled himself to be just apolitical

Doing his best to be a healer,

Giving his American-educated knowledge to all.


He let his surgeon’s knife flow like an angel

The Siamese twins are about to be free

The cries of freedom echo from the two tiny hearts

In his mind, he saw the beginning of a journey…


When will my South Vietnam be cut free again?

Let my people have their own Saigon

Watching the blue skies hug the temples and churches,

No more slavery to be seen in the beloved horizon…


Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)
Memorial Day 1998 ©



A Mission

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