The Skyraider
(I Am That Man)


Piercing the skies, Saigon is beneath my wings,

The war is going, hold onto the God-given freedom

Pilot Duc, take me in, there the Viet Cong atrocities

An Loc, Tay Ninh, Trang Bang, the mother earth is burning.

Hold onto me, go ahead and break my wings.


June 8, 1972, the lonely An Loc is under siege,

Trang Bang is under attack, there come the North Vietnamese

Children, men, and women keep running

The Communists are so close, Duc, let me in.


Just you, Duc, and me now,

Stop the enemy from charging South Vietnamese units,

Get the napalm in, go ahead, release it from my body

They are firing upon me; oh, I am hit, not bad.


Back to the airbase, you landed me on the familiar tarmac,

You folded my wings for a rest

Waiting to be called on the next sortie

War, who is invading the Southland with war;

Duc, we will pull through this, keep your faith in me.


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(The Boy in the Poem)

My thanks to former South Vietnam pilot Duc Tu Nguyen (VNAF, Third Division in Bien Hoa, A-1 Skyraider Squadron 518) for his lovely "thank you" Hallmark card for my book of poetry Dear Daddy. I thought Duc's personal inscription would mean much to my papa-san on The Wall. I left it there on the rainy morning, Veterans Day, 1998.