July 4: Honoring an American Soldier


While we celebrate the Birth of our beloved America, we remember a soldier's Death that has nurtured it.


The American General and the U.S. Senator


"Yes ma'am," responded the General.

"Could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am'?" she said.

"I worked so hard to get that title."

Her eyes flashed anger -- at him she gazed.


"Yes, Senator," said the American soldier.

My heart hurt for the fatherly figure I've embraced,

For he is just like one of the American Viet vets

Whose ultimate sacrifice shall never fade.


How dare a politician take a soldier for granted.

How "grateful" she is to the ones who have lived and died

For the very freedom that gives her the "political power."

Did Mrs. Boxer say "working hard" has her "being a senator" qualified?


I don't know, my beloved benefactors on The Viet Veteran Wall.

I only see the politician get there by being in the right place and time,

Working smart to outdo his/her opponents;

His/her heart can suddenly turn into rime.


I see the man work hard mopping the hospital floors

Late into the night, wiping the sweat from his forehead

So the patients will wake up enjoying the clean, shiny hallways;

I see the doctors and nurses work hard, trying to resuscitate the dead.


Thank You America, the land of the Free

From Normandy to Khe Sanh to Afghanistan 

Your soldier sons and daughters work hard to protect us

Despite many wars, from communism to terrorism, you still stand...




Linh Duy Vo

July 4, 2009


July 4 in my hometown




Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.