An Immigrant in the U.S.A.

            (Turnkey Country)


You moved me with your screams,

Reminding me of artist Edvard Munch with his painting.

I am an American who once was a teenage refugee

I experienced the cold nights on the grassy hills,

The Marine Base, Camp Pendleton.

I was lonely and destitute -- sin familia

Sí, I have been there, working menial jobs.

, my heart is forever thankful to my American sponsor,

Who took me in after a legal process

As countless legal immigrants from around the world have done.

America is not of endless resources, I understand;

She cannot take in all the world...


Linh Duy Vo 
March 29, 2006 ©  

Naturalized U.S. citizenship is a gift.  A gift cannot be demanded.  --L. D. Vo


Subj: Re: An Immigrant in the U.S.A. 
Date: 3/30/2006 1:15:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: RNNamVet@<...>
To: Poet Linh D Vo

Linh---respectfully, that was a poor example, if you are trying to plead a case for illegal immigrants.

Legal immigrants are welcome, and benefit this country. Illegals do the opposite. They TAKE from the taxpayers, and send their dollars home, and out of this country. Thus, America grows weaker, as she is being DRAINED.


From a Los Angeles County employee: "What country would allow millions of Americans to pour in uncontrolled?  3/30/06


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