A Portrait of Betrayal

The wife carries her two young daughters,
Pushing the cart to get food for their dinner.
They miss their soldier Daddy, seven months in Iraq.
The war is still going on in the indifferent deserts
When will Daddy come home? asked the innocent girl.
Countless of troops have been blown up by the terrorists,
Ever since Operation Freedom Iraq started.
The American soldier's wife held tight her two angelic ones
She just ran short on her food stamps -- Uncle Sam's help.
She pulled out a credit card to pay for the rest
Her other Providian card just billed her a chilly late charge fee;
They withdrew her modest deposit borrowed from their unsolicited checks,
Left her a hole in her bank account, she tried to crawl out of it
Her confidence in America is shaken. 
The suicide bombers are terrorizing her heroes in the warfront
At home, the families of American heroes are being terrorized,
Blown up by the usurers whom the soldiers are protecting...

Linh Duy Vo
August 8, 2005

Note: Please feel free to share this poem with your bankcard issuers if you like to help.


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By Aleksandra Todorova Published: July 28, 2005 



Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.